Meet Champion Fleming

Champion Fleming is a white, trans, gender expansive leadership coach and organizational development consultant working with national and international non-profits and labor unions who are committed to anti-racist strategies that lead to cultural and political change.  As a minister and social justice advocate Champion has worked for decades on LGBTQIA+ rights, AIDS awareness, poverty, understanding unearned white advantage and racism.

As a transformational coach Champion engages people being coached with curiosity, compassion and courage and guides clients to a deeper expression of vision and purpose through access to our innate inner wisdom. Champion exudes warmth and acceptance yet sees and speaks difficult and direct truths. Their approach builds bridges and fosters engaged connection.

Champion is the assistant minister of organizational development at CSL White Rock in South Surrey, B.C. Canada. Champion is leading a spiritually based strategic planning process, re-imagining organizational mission and vision  and capacity building for the Board of Trustees, Practitioners and ministry leaders.

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